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Connect with our Experts and school your senior staff to ensure compliance and professional standards, save costs and prepare in advance.


Solve your disputes in ways that are favourable to you. Expect growth from your learnings and develop better control of your business. Formulate and implement strategic safety nets for your business.


Your business is your investment, get paid for what you do and minimize losses, avoid common traps that Project Managers make, train your Managers.


Join our Seminars and protect your business, we are dedicated to supporting you. We work closely with our members, we will support you. We can work with you to establish and implement a strategic solution for your needs.


Stop loosing on claims you make and stop getting knocked back, ending up with lost revenue due to issues your Senior Staff may not have been aware of, take charge and join us in our Seminars and upskill your staff.


Our specialist presenters know all the answers, and will provide you with elaborate discussions. You will hear from the best, and most qualified with hands on experience within the Industry.


Get to it now, solve problems fast - Pedigree thinking - Better solutions - we are here for you.


We will empower you to do business with confidence, integrity and have certainty of the end result as far as the Law allows.


Your time to make decisions

We will enlighten you with solutions and legalities that work in your favour, so that you can take charge and solve problems. How to's are explained, what not's are discussed.

Join us and take control

You will learn to take control of your business, strategies solutions and ensure claims and variations are in place in such a way that you don't loose money.

Law and other disciplines explained by qualified persons

Legal matters are discussed, new laws are discussed, laws that apply to you are discussed. What matters to you and your industry should be yours and for you to be made aware of.

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Register now to be part of our Seminars, we will call you and organise a time for your staff to join us, dinner and drinks mostly provided.

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